Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Bunch of Weekend B's

I cut up the last strawberry and glanced out the kitchen window facing the backyard, 'That's a Bunch of Busy, Boisterous, Boys in the Backyard......'  Busy Boys...... just Back from a Bike ride to the Beach..... Bouncing, Backpack Bike riding, Batting, Battling, and Balancing.  Being even a little too Boisterous for one not so Big Boy.

So I'll Bring my Big Boy Baby into our family Building for a Bubble Bath recovery Break.  And tend to his Bruised spirit and Blackened eye.  But just Briefly Because Best Buddies will Be here Before too long for a BBQ.

What a Blissful weekend Break..... Bikes, Beach, BBQs, Buddies, But I almost forgot, the Bunch of Babies Brought to my attention.

Just a Bolt from the Blue, a Beautiful discovery just Beneath Bits of Bunk, in our aBandoned aged Building Behind the house.  Four feral Bitty Baby Kitties, for me to catch and hold was worth every Bite and scratch, they're so Bemused, should they Bark or Buzz?  But four Babies, now what?

It won't be too much longer Before our Balmy Break Begins, and days will be Bursting with Bike rides, Bubble Blowing, Blue Cloudless skies, Beach visits with sandcastle Building and Sun Bathing.  BBQs, Barefeet, grassy Blanket lounging, Baseball, Bug hunting, Balloons full of water in our Backyard water park, and with a Bit of a Blessing, four Bitty Babies now Big and Beginning anew with other families.  But until then this Blogger will end with a fitting Belief from my Jr. High youth, a playfully impish memo that would litter the Backs of worksheets and shared friend's notes.....

Boys Before Books, Because Books Become Boring, But Beware Because Boys Bring Babies!