Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Aren't simple birthdays wonderful, a couple of friends, a hand full of balloon decorations, and cake and ice cream?  Yep those simple moments are so special, completely free from all the unnecessary distractions of the themed parties that consume hundreds of thousands of 'boards' and 'pins' on Pinterest.  So..... what happens to me, I like a simple life, free from modern day trends and distractions.  Salon visits... does it count if Monte cuts my hair instead of myself...... Trendy cloths..... I have been known to rock a scarf once in a while..... Twitter..... I have no idea....... Crazy overboard Power Ranger themed party, with matching Samurai vest and battle gear, a training center, a Japanese celebration feast, and the overthrow of Octoroo the Nighlok...... Guilty.

Also on To Do List:  a couple of embroidered pillows for some upcoming visitors, and more preschool projects
I feel pretty foolish admitting that I'm one of  'those moms', you know 'those moms' who become sleep deprived over meticulously planning every party favor and food choice for a gaggle of five year old guests.  I felt even more foolish when I received some shocking news from a friend about the health of her own little boy.  Here I was worrying about color choices on Samurai vests, while she absorbed the blows of upcoming cancer treatments for her young son.  Her news made me pause, put things in perspective, and think about what really is important?

So how long was my pause...... long enough to realize that Samurai vests are important.  Life is a balancing act, sure our scale is heavy on the party side, but I know we'll balance it out in the end, I want to keep life in balance.  My dear friend, her and her family will always be in my thoughts and prayers as they maneuver through this life challenge.  I'd better get busy, I've got 17 golden ranger belts to finish.  So as I sew another seam down a golden piece of fabric, I'll reminisce of the example of my beautiful resilient friend, didn't she once convince a male relative to don the rented purple Teletubby costume, and dance and entertain for the sake of her own little one.... or maybe it was an Easter Bunny?  Either way I'm inspired.  Keep the right side of your scale full of the fun, happy, and easy, you never know when life is going to throw something that tips your scale to the left.

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