Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter... Family, Love, and Fun

Easter..... Mini Cadbury Eggs, three handsome boys in matching linen shirts with tiny bow ties, beginnings of a new season, kite flying, gathering of friends and family.....  all things I love.  As a child I loved Easter, but it was Christmas that filled the number one spot on my list.  But as I've grown, I believe Easter has taken over that top spot.  A spring holiday, full of family and traditions. 

So where do those eggs come from, and what about this elusive bunny, does he really live in candy land, and is he the one who delivers all those candy filled baskets? Seems like some pretty strange notions to celebrate this special holiday.  But I've always seen things a bit differently, so I have to admit, an egg laying bunny, who leaves candy and other treats to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, doesn't sound too crazy to me, in fact, it seems..... right. 

Pastel colored eggs and the E.B..... believable?   Eggs, they do bring forth new beginnings, and bunnies, there isn't a better representation of fruitfulness of life.... maybe it's a slight stretch, but they both seem fairly believable.  However, children outdoors, excitedly hunting for sweet treats, eating around an open fire, and playing with friends, sounds not only completely believable but also totally natural.  There is something purely organic about little boys and the outdoors.  Playing, running, chasing, digging, and hunting...... yep, entirely natural.

Oh how I love watching my children eagerly search for sweet riches.  It brings out the best in them, one always helping the other.  They share excitement over found baskets, working together to prove that they can't be out smarted by a long eared furry friend.  Despite their best efforts, they lack the competitive spirit you need to be natural egg hunters.  This combined with my own dislike for large crowds, is the reason we steer clear of organized egg hunts.  They only bring tears, agitation, and separation, three things that don't feel natural or right for our family.  We hold our own annual egg hunt each year, inviting friends to participate, and then later share our own version of an Easter Feast.  Our hunt is a true quest, eggs are hidden throughout the entire yard, even around the pond in the back field.  Every year at least a half dozen eggs join the missing egg cases, I wonder if they'll ever be found?  I love not only this fairly new tradition, but others both new and old.

New traditions, like a Town Egg Jubilee..... complete with a small egg hunt, an egg toss, egg races, and an egg drop.... sooooo fun.....especially when your egg never breaks!

And some great old traditions, like dying hard boiled eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide the night before Easter even if we don't start until after 10:00 pm......     

And old traditions like always spending Easter with family, even adding a new super hero twist.....

We all love Easter, what a fun day spent together as a family.  What we do feels right, whether it's full of traditions, egg hunts, or spiritual reflection.  Family, fun, and love, why over think it?  Spend time doing something fun to rejoice this exceptional spring day with your family, and love every minute of it.  It is a celebration of His life after all, pink plastic eggs and sugary marshmallow chicks are allowed.... but not always necessary. 


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