Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beautiful Distracted Mondays

'Crunch!', so help me if I step on one more plastic egg, I just might crack and pull the ears off every last stuffed Easter Bunny in this house!  Deep breath.... I guess the better plan is to retrieve the purple Easter totes from the basement and start pulling down all the Easter decorations.

I dump one of about eight egg baskets into the tote and glance up at the clock, 8:13, where did the morning go????  'Joooooooooo, grab you backpack, it's time to go.'  I stand at my open front door, 'I love you.... have a great day at school.... don't forget to turn in your lunch money.... remember to bring your jacket home.... and don't forget to check for homework.... and seriously your lunch money, it's been in your bag for over two weeks, if you forget it today they just might not feed you, so please don't forget!'  I hastily shout my list of reminders to my fairly absent minded son as he runs towards his bus stop.  Boy, it's a beautiful Monday morning, maybe we can get in a bike ride before Sol has to catch the kindergarten bus..... Monday..... I wonder if Monte remembered to take the garbage can to the curb..... I better check.

Yep, he remembered, but I wonder how full it is.... it seems completely wasteful to dump a half full garbage can..... maybe I'll just take a look.  As I suspected, still plenty of room, and with my compost pile over whelmed with decomposing leaves I'll just rake the leaves from this front flower bed and fill the remaining space in the garbage can.  Now to find the rake.

It took a little bit, but I found it, it was next to the fire pit, much more practical than the garage or the garden shed.  I head towards the front flower bed with my rake.... look at those vines, they've really taken off this year, I guess I should cut them back a bit, but where are my clippers?  I set down my rake to go search for my clippers.  Objects clank the sides of the bucket as I dig through random gardening tools, shovel... nope..... spade.... not right.... long pokey thing... what is this thing called???  Scissors.... what are they doing in here????  No clippers.  I grab the scissors, I guess they'll work.  I'm sure I did a little damage to the blades of my household cutting shears, but they did the trick, even hacked through a couple of broken branches I noticed on a neighboring bush.  I make a pile of debris next to my discarded scissors, alright maybe over the top of my discarded scissors, and find my way back to the front flower bed.  I forgot the rake.  I find my way back for a second time to the front flower bed this time with my rake and begin my work.

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L morning.... just a little chilly.... maybe I should go get dressed, pajamas aren't the best gardening attire.  I walk through the front door, who left it open, and why is there a chicken in the house?

I grab a chicken treat, and chase my friendly feathered girl back outside.  I find two little ones at the kitchen table, happily digging through their Easter baskets, looking for just the right treat.

'Hey, did you guys open the front door.... did you see that the chicken was in the house????  I see, you where too involved with your Easter candy to notice.... Well let's eat breakfast.... Have you guys looked outside, it's going to be a beautiful day.... you want to see how nice it is... sure go ahead, just grab a jacket, it's a little chilly out.'

I didn't have to tell them twice, they threw jackets over their pajamas and ran barefoot into the backyard.  I love the spring time!  I put down the couple of bowls and the box or cereal I was holding, and figured that I'd better go out with them.... let me just throw on a jacket....but where is  my jacket?  That's right, I remember,  it's in the hamper, it needs to be washed, I'll just start a load and head out.  I need more darks, I wonder if the boys have a few pair of Levis I can toss in with this load.... I only make it up a couple of steps.... you know I really should go check on the boys.

I find them battling each other with large stick swords in the garden, totally pleased and entertained.... but look at that planter box.... it's completely overrun with weeds.... I better clear it out.... it's almost time to plant.  I start pulling the invading grass from the planter box.... you know what I need.... that long pokey thing.... what is that thing called again.... I know I just saw it.... but where?  I step over a pile of vine and  branch debris to search through my garden tool bucket.

The grass is looking great, so green and long.... already.... should I mow it?  Why not, I'll probably never find that long pokey thing anyhow.  A mower is easy to find, it's too large to lose..... funny that it still it took several minutes to locate.  I prime the engine, and give it a yank, it starts right up.... what a great yard sale find, I don't care what Monte says.  Boy, is it just me or does the mower seems louder than I remember, and did it always rattle this forcefully... I can't recall.... my arms are shaking violently on the handle.... is this normal?  After cutting a couple of strips through the lawn, the mower sputters and dies, maybe it just needs gas.... I'll go see what I can find in the garage. 

I pass my front flower bed....  the leaves!  I'd better get those leaves in the garbage, and get the can back out to the curb.  I'm reaching for my rake as I wave to some passing neighbors.... they seem hesitant to wave back.... strange, they're usually so friendly.... maybe it's been a hard walk?  I brush some dried leaves from my plaid pajamas, use my bare feet to push a couple of rocks back into place, and begin raking.... again.  A few rake strokes later and.... 'Ouch!', look at that branch, sticking straight out, got me right on the top of my head.... I should cut it back.... but my clippers.... and now I can't seem to find my scissors either.  I give my head a rub, trying to wipe away the sting.... I wonder what time it is.... I haven't seen the boys in a while.... I hope we'll have time for a bike ride later.... my thoughts are interrupted by the sounds of an approaching large vehicle.... what could that be????  I ponder only for a second.... Oh No, the Garbage Truck!  I shove one large armful of leaves into the can and pull the lid shut.  Yanking it's handle, I make a dash to catch the impending garbage truck, with my only slightly fuller than this morning garbage can.   

I hear the church bells dong 12 times, noon already, where does the day go?  'Sooooooolllllll, grab your back pack, it's almost time to catch the bus for school.'

'Wait.... why are you still in your pajamas.... why am I still in my pajamas.... what do you mean you haven't had lunch yet.... or breakfast?  No you ate something, I saw you shoving it in your mouth when you ran past me earlier in your Spiderman Costume.  Oh.... it was your Easter candy.... all of it?  Do you feel alright?  A little yucky... on the plus side I'll never make eggs that delicious, and I'm pretty sure I read an article once stating that happier people eat more chocolate.  Oh good you do feel buzzingly happy.... do you know what, I bet if we hurry you can get dressed and have a roadside picnic at the bus stop.'

Still in my pajamas, I wave goodbye to Sol, no reminders needed for my mindful kindergartener.  I push the mower out of my way as I walk by my large pile of raked leaves boardering my front flower bed.  The front door is open, but no chicken this time.  I walk inside, stepping over a purple Easter tote, 'Crunch!', son of a ......  Deep breath, I grab the couple of bowls and box of cereal I'd left out earlier, I wonder how Abe feels about cereal for lunch?

Abe's contently spooning Honey Nut into his mouth, as I look around at what needs to be done.  I guess I could start with the large pile of mail, papers, and bills on the counter.  Old school worksheets.... toss... water bill.... keep.... gas bill.... keep.... what's this.... coupons.... here's one for a dollar off a jar of Nutella.... sounds like a bargain.... cut along the dotted line and keep.... but the scissors..... can't seem to find....  know I just saw.... didn't I just....


  1. So glad I am not the only one...:)