Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What About Bob?

My dear buddy Bob...

You do know that you are not a duck.... right?  I see you all day every day follow your fellow ducks around the yard.... you know what ducks I'm talking about.... the ones that refuse to live by the pond, despite all my best efforts (have they never heard the expression 'duck out of water').  I guess I can sympathize in your confusion, you were the only chick survivor of a brutal magpie attack, maybe this puzzlement is a case of PTSD?

I have grown quite fond of you however, and because of this I am asking that you please stop hiding from me at night.  All that I want is to put you somewhere safe, away from the creatures of the dark.... it'll be much warmer in the coop, and Ducky and Webster are in there to keep you company.  I wonder what the neighbors think about me calling 'Bob' into the bushes each night?  Please just help me out, and I promise to let you out first thing in the morning (although I am tempted to keep Webster and Ducky in the coop if they do not stop plucking the tops off all my flowers... can you talk to them about that?). 

I enjoy our visits at the back door (I always listen closely for you pecking so that we can catch up), and Abe tells me he loves it when you peck at his hair.  I hope this letter finds you well, and that you've not left me in the night like so many of your predecessors.  All of my love.


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