Sunday, May 10, 2015


It really is the only wild and unruly thing about me.  I actually do have great hair.... but the combing, and the washing, and the styling.... none of those are high on my priority list (maybe my priorities are all mixed up?).  However I guess there are times I wonder if I should have combed it.....

'Mrs. Syrina your hair is crazy, crazy like that one guy with crazy hair!!!!'  Really....that guy.... are you sure..... I don't know if I should trust your opinion, just moments ago I had you believing that a plastic dinosaur was the new 10th member of our class. 

I guess our true friends tell us what we don't really want to tell ourselves.

Joining Mamabyrd & others in their weekly Impressions posts.

(Looks like I curl my bangs right????   Except for I don't have bangs.... or a curling iron.)

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