Thursday, May 21, 2015

Garden Journal

Oh there was so much to be done in the gardens this week.... seeds to be planted, tomatoes to be put in the ground, always weeding, yes isn't there always weeding?  And what about the friend & family gathering for dinner, a preschool graduation & art show, a 5K & 1/2 marathon, a birthday celebration.... yes there was much scheduled to be done in the gardens this week.  With all that activity the gardens should have been buzzing, but instead they've been.... drizzling. 

I love the rain, I think I wish for rain more than most, I have plenty of plants to water, and no one but me and Mother Nature to water them.  But the much needed rain has brought me some inconveniences this week.  Nothing was planted, performances were moved indoors, and yes it was a very cold wet run.  But it wasn't all a wash, the weather settled just long enough for one big 5 year old boy to celebrate his birthday (Thanks for that). 

And new to the garden this week is some thoughtful gifts from some sweet preschool students of mine.  I've always wanted to make a fairy garden ('So you can play with it in your flowers'), and my beautiful hanging flowering basket looks amazing on my front porch.

fairy garden left, hanging flowers right
It looks like there is more rain in the forecast, so in trying to stay positive.... rain puddles feel amazing to jump into, mud pies are satisfying to make, we've already reached our bathing quota for the week, and I don't think I'll have to worry about watering my plants while we're away on a camping trip this weekend (I've already packed  the rain gear).   Happy Gardening!

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  1. Taking a minute to myself and I find myself stalking your blog - again... I have a feeling you made every single one of those tents. Would you believe I've had the plans for one, and the wood, and the perfect material, sitting in the garage since December? Thank you for the motivation. Alan didn't get his tent for Christmas, but he's got a birthday in July... Maybe, just maybe...