Thursday, May 14, 2015

Garden Journal

It is already that time of year again, how quickly the seasons pass.  I'm excited to be back in the yard, even if it means more work.  I always hope to get my garden planted over Mother's Day weekend, but I never seem to make it in time.  This year was no different, however considering the rainstorms I feel like we're ahead of schedule.

The garden is turned and ready to plant.... maybe this weekend?  My one big change this year is my herb garden.  I've moved the herbs into pots (mostly... some have become wild in the yard, I'll leave those ones be).  They'll get more sun in their new spot, and I'll be able to move them in and out of the garage to keep them from freezing (I may have jumped the gun on the basil... I hope it bounces back.... maybe I should have kept it inside another couple of weeks).  I planted some of the norms, but added some new ones too.... like stevia (super sweet for iced sweet tea in the summer), lemon and lime thyme, garlic chives (double awesome breath), fennel (green smoothies?), and licorice flavored hyssop.  I'm excited for them to grow big enough (fingers crossed) so that I can use them freely.

I've got a great start on flower planting, and can I just say a little about my tulips.  Every year I buy tulip bulbs, except I'm to cheap to buy them when they're full price, so I wait until late fall when they go on clearance.  In doing this I always run the risk of it snowing before I get them planted.... which it always does... which means my bulbs usually die (it's hard to remember to water them when they get forgotten and buried in the freezer).  But this year I was determined, and even though it had snowed, it warmed up enough for the ground to soften and for me to plant my bulbs.  I love the results, I might be second guessing on planting them so close to the walkways.

just ignore the pasture grass that invades all my flower beds.... I do

Its funny, as I snapped this last picture I felt a little like the dandelions across the street where photo bombing.  I don't mind dandelions, especially before they go to seed (although it's overwhelming how often  we see seeding dandelion art), but sometimes I feel like they're just showing off.

And the outdoor shower is un-winterized and getting plenty of use..... looks like I have a few takers in a 'Hot Bath', 5, 10, 15 cents richer.....

I'm joining some good friends in their garden journaling, hoping that this will keep me motivated and optimistic.... please feel free to join as well!  Happy Gardening! 

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