Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring has Sprung

Is it O.K. to celebrate spring yet?  Without much of a winter I'm feeling guilty every time I enjoy the warmth spring brings.  Warm temperatures or not, a week without any homework is definitely worth celebrating.

Spring Break Beach Time:
Sure... we were sporting idy bidy tiny winy bikinis..... they were just under our sweaters, and fleeces, and sweat pants..... you should have seen our tans... A-MA-ZING!!!  The cool temperature didn't stop Jo and his buddy from venturing out in the kayak.... and Trigger and his buddy too????


Spring Break Egg Hunting:
Our Easter Bunny got an early start, 4:00 am, it's hard to go back to sleep when you've stripped a bed of it's bedding, re-dressed that same bed, started a load of laundry, bathed a small bladdered four year old, and tucked in that same four year old with comforting promises that Easter Bunny did not hear him up and would still come and hide his eggs.  And on a side note, Jo and Sol should never attempt to make a living at finding things (Jo's ambition to some day be a archeologist may be in danger), especially eggs.

Spring Break Easter Pictures:
Growing up we weren't exactly church going folk, but I still got an Easter dress with a matching hat each year... until I was in high school.... my mother started this tradition.  Pink shirts with fedora hats, I can't resist, it probably has something to do with my guilty crush on Jason Mraz, but I'm blaming my mother (and so can the boys when they get older).  I've come to hate posed pictures, and so do my boys.  The line 'Just one more', is now associated with threatening promises, and curse words.... I stopped myself before things got too ugly, nothing was really cooperating anyhow (Mom I'm not wearing this hat, Why do I have to sit up straight, The sun is my eyes.....), so I decided to be satisfied with what I got (which wasn't much... if only I understood photo shop). 

with Aunt Heidi (the only adult out of pj's)


The Winner!
Jo went back to school with a bit of a tan and  plenty of practice on his new longboard.  Sol went back to school another year older and fully equipped with Power Ranger Dino Zords.  Abe now back to a schedule with a new egg hunting passion, and hopefully without any newly acquired cavities from the mass amount of candy he's consumed over the week.  I'm sad to see the week end, and a little excited at the glimpse of summer I witnessed.  Wish us luck while we patiently (or not so) count the last days until summer arrives!


  1. I love their colored shirts. What a splendid crew.

  2. I love their colored shirts. What a splendid crew.