Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Little Free Spirit

He follows no schedule, is confined by clothing, calls himself and artist (which he is), enjoys working (playing) in the dirt, loves EVERYTHING beautiful.... Oh how I love him so.  I feel that are days are being number, next year he will be off to kindergarten, and who will I have with me at home (I do realize how selfish this sounds)???  

He is a nature lover at heart.  No one is as excited as him to go mushroom hunting.  And even if we don't find the right kind of mushrooms, he is more than happy to gather the others.

And at our visit to the nature center... the birds, and the trails, and the birds on the trails.... Heaven!


I love finding him barefoot and shirtless, perched on his personal mountain top eating his lunch.  More than once we have gotten somewhere and realized he has no shoes.  And I'm always confused that he can lose the shoes that he is supposed to be wearing.

But shoes aren't the only thing he's wearing that he loses....

'Abe, why are you not wearing underwear?'  (a Mother always has her way of knowing...)

'I'm not wearing underwear?'

'No... do you know what happened to it?'


How they fall off his body and get 'lost' is one of the mysteries of the universe (Oh, but I do find them... in the hall, in my room, on the living room floor, in the yard, welcoming others on the front porch.....).

He loves celebrating Earth Day, And what a better way to celebrate than a class field trip to the lake....

We had so much fun that we went back later (it had nothing to do with the couple of cool logs I spotted the first time... well maybe a little)... just the two of us.... why do the rocks always seem waaaay prettier just out of reach, under the chilly water?

My little free spirit.... almost five.... but he'll always be my little 'Ducky'


  1. He's so lucky to have a free spirited mom who encourages him and teaches him and lets him be who he is. Boy is that ducky big--both of them!