Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life's a Garden.... Dig It!

He's wanted a 'Hippie Camping Van' since he was six.  He is completely facinated with that sort of 'gypsy' lifestyle.  A derby car is the perfect opportunity for him to test his 'Hippie Van' painting skills.  While we were scrolling through Google images for paint job ideas, I decided to make it a parenting moment.

'Hey Jo.... did you know that a lot of 'Hippies' do drugs???'

'WHAT!'  (this was the first he'd heard of this.... he was completely baffled) 

'Yeah... so I know that someday you wish to have your own van, and travel the world surfing the oceans... but you won't do drugs.... right?'

'Mom.... BE DRUG FREE!  Drugs are sooooo Dumb!' (right answer)

So far so good, much better than my last 'Say No to Drugs' talk (a TRUE parent fail... I don't know what I was thinking.... Tried to use an M&M analogy... 'Sooooo M&Ms are drugs Mom?'  No, wait, not right.... even still Sol now refuses to eat M&Ms).

We made a pact in that moment....He promised to stay drug free, and I promised to graciously help him get a 'Hippie Camping Van' when he is 18..... wish us both good luck! 

I think he did a great job on his car, and we were both pretty proud that he won his first heat.... but I was even more proud of our pact.

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  1. What a rad ride dude! I give it the "Hippest" award.