Friday, April 3, 2015

Sol's Roarin' & Rockin' Prehistoric 7th Birthday

This party almost didn't happen.  After celebrating Dad's birthday on a camping trip this past October, the rest of my boys have decided this might be the way the to go.  Both Jo and Sol told me they wanted to go camping instead of a party for their birthdays (and Abe wants a camping birthday party), and although I don't know if I'm ready for them to give up birthday bashes (what will I do with my somewhat embarrassing party planning addiction?), I'll admit no party planning will simplify my spring quite a bit.  In the end Sol wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to his party ways, and made his decision to have a prehistoric birthday party.
I'm sure his decision had something to do with his jealousy of my preschool class curriculum the past month (we'd been studying dinosaurs.... can we really call it studying???).  However this assured that several of his party activities had already been kid tested and approved.  We did cave painting (sidewalk chalk & a cement walkway), freed our cavemen from a block of ice, popped our dinosaur eggs, found and excavated fossils, went on a dino egg hunt, used clubs to defeat a real(ish) dinosaur, and participated in a caveman food challenge.  Our group of cavemen had no problems eating dirt, mud, sticks, seeds, even worms.  What a fun afternoon, full of prehistoric merriment.   




Sol's one pleading request was something to battle at his celebration..... enter my super fun older brother (and his awesome wife who surprised us with amazing cake dino eggs).  He was more than happy to strap on his dino tail and take his roll as a human/dino pinata.  Lucky Sol not only found the 'Golden Egg' in the dinosaur egg hunt, but also was the one to snatch the giant goodie filled dino egg from the ferocious dinosaur.

I decided to make a cave for Sol's party, it'll be a nice addition to our western mining town (I even sunk some golden nuggets into the dinosaur fossil).  I believe that crafting on all scales is my creative outlet, so an old bed I've been trying to give away for months became my cave canvas.

Everyone seems happy with the end result.... and maybe it's because Monte got some room back in the garage (now that the bed is gone), but I think he wasn't annoyed with me and my cave project, I even got him to carry a bucket of sand, and was that a smile at the t-rex fossil (VICTORY... I'll take it were I can)? 

Happy Birthday Sol.... Your Awesomeness spans all the ages!!!!

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  1. A great party as usual! Matt's dinosaur costume is so great. You are amazing at everything you incorporate into your parties. And the cave is really amazing! Man, I think I know what career path you should pursue when the kids are grown.