Friday, July 18, 2014


On Monday he arrived in need of a new home, we named him Leo, he came with great feline street smarts, an amazing chattering ability, the agility to do somersaults when you pet him, and enough new home nervousness to spend his first night crying at the backdoor seeking comfort and affection (don't we all).  On Tuesday he had his first run in with Trigger, Trigger now refuses to enter through the backdoor, he recognizes that as 'Cat Territory'.  On Wednesday I listened anxiously as he had a ferocious, yet successful, 45 minute stand off with something in the yard, establishing his rule in his new kingdom.  On Thursday he sweetly left me two back legs and the partial hide of the pesky bunny that has been hiding out and feasting in the garden all week.  And now this morning after another long night of patroling his new empire, he's circling at my ankles and lazily swatting at my toes, as I attempt to work in the garden. The lion or the lamb, I curiously watch as he finds his balance between the two. 


  1. Sounds like he will fit in nicely to his new place. Welcome home Leo

  2. I am so so glad he found a good home. Thanks for helping me out there. Our bunny thanks you too.