Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A.T. A.L.A.S.K.A.

                                                            -A Sleepover at Grandma Tilly's
                                                            -Totally Awesome 24th of July Celebration!

                                                           -An All Day Fun Day with Friends
                                                           -Lets Go Hiking
                                                           -A Campout with the Waymans
                                                           -Swimming at the Waterpark
                                                           -Keepin' it Cool at the Movies
                                                           -A Quite Day at Home

Yeah- so I realize that Cherry Hill doesn't really compare to the mighty and magnificient rivers of Alaska.  And I know that even the most high tech surround sound at the the most advanced movie theater can't come close to the real life wildlife movie and scenery in Alaska either, but the boys and I are making the best of our week va(stay)cation while Dad makes the best of his.  The boys are so excited about our week free from chores and flashcards that they even made their own acronym playlist after the one we completed from combined efforts.

Abe repeatedly using the letters he knows & then a hike, and Sol's 'Super duper fun day' I can't wait!

I think staying busy will be the best for us all.  I'm horrible at enforcing bedtimes, so maybe if we play hard enough they will eventually pass out from sheer exhaustion.  Besides keeping busy keeps me from realizing that I'm alone, something I've always been terrible at.

So hear, hear to cereal for dinner, evenings at the beach, and backyard campouts with friends!  And wish me luck on bedtimes, solo outings, and me not passing out from sheer exhaustion! 

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with all of it!