Thursday, July 17, 2014

Garden Journal

Gardening is my favorite hobby, there is no hesitation in my answer, it's one of the few things that lures me from my bed in the early morning hours.  I often wonder what took me so long to discover it.

I want my children to share a love of gardening with me, and hopefully carry it into their own adulthood.

I use this as my excuse to skip out on weeding, or in the justification of my over sized pumpkin patch.

There's some growing love and interest when I find my boys in the raspberries greedily eating each ripened fruit, or when they pull out the carrots when they're still in infancy stage, even when I find dozens of pea pods littered and collecting ants on the front porch.

I'm excited to say this week things have really started to grow..... and my garden is looking pretty good too.

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