Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Journal

Alright so I've missed a couple of weeks, but we've been busy in one way or another, besides maybe it makes for a more exciting debut if there is a little time between updates.

Things are growing.  We've picked and eaten plenty of strawberries, and even happily prepared a couple of peppers, and one tomato.  Some areas are even big enough that I've happily given up on weeding.

I love sunflowers,

 I love their drought tolerance, I love their huge blossoms, I love that they easily reseed both predictably and surprisingly each year, I love their diversity, I love that you can enjoy their beauty and then eat their seeds,  I love that they break up the look of low growing gardens, I love finding birds perched on their petals, and I love that my children are just as excited as me awaiting their flower to emerge.  I hope the new variety I tried this year can bounce back from their attack from some pesky baby grasshoppers.

But my favorite addition to my garden this week is the skinny little guy that came home with me from Colorado.

He'll make a great substitute scarecrow in the corn.  He was a great find on a thrift store outing at only $3.  We both were skeptically judged by his purchase, where I  saw art, others saw a glorified branch.  I guess Boulder was a little too hip and trendy for us both.  But we do look amazing in the garden.... yes, it's a much better fit.... and without the expensive price tag on our organic fruit and vegetables.

And my project in all it's phases (for now) is complete.  I call my little mining/western town Motherlode, and with the amount of fun it brings, it truly is. 

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