Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Garden Journal

Two roads diverged, and I could not travel both......

One curved and organic taking me where I wish to go, and the other straight and a direct leading me where I should go..... which one to take?

I probably didn't need another entrance into the garden, but I really wanted one, and I knew it would look great, so I went to work.... now if only I can create the perfect rounded door, then I'd have the perfect entry into a secret garden

And my tidy zen inspired boardwalk makes the perfect climbing platform for the boys.

The rain makes everything better, but soggy leaves have a way of hiding more than just weeds.....

I guess I got a little behind on picking.... anyone in need of some zucchini or crook neck?

As some things come to an end like the raspberries, peas, and the seeding lettuce, others are only getting better with time.....

The carrots are fuller, the tomatoes plumper, the pumpkins spreading, and with several new blooms the sunflowers are even joining in. 

A successful garden and some new paths...... And that has made all the difference.

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