Friday, July 24, 2015

Recent Finds

I don't often do 'recent finds' posts, but when a recent find pertains to a new family matter it warrants it's own post.  Meet Watey (not Otty, or Walley, but Watey... because he likes water).  Abe picked up Watey at this years Ogden Valley Charity Yard Sale, and they have been almost inseparable since that time.  I like Watey.... even though I think he had something to do with the sudden separation of Owy the Owl and Monkey Pants.... Abe however informed me that Owy the Owl and Monkey Pant's relationship has been rocky for months now.... I guess I'll just try and stay out of it.    

Besides Watey we've had some other great finds (especially since I've only been to a small amount of yard sales this summer)..... A great new/old handle for our outdoor shower, I was really hoping to find something like this since it's recent updating (you can now flush the toilet or wash your hand in the house and not get scalded outside), it's funny how fast Monte can make improvements on this shower, he's even added another shower head to encourage company (Men are simple minded creatures).... that being said, it really is the nicest shower in (or out) the house.  

I found this great old cupboard... I don't know what to do with it, but at $4 I couldn't leave it behind.  Also making a favorite find is a great little chick plate..... I have a feeling it's new made to look old, but I'm not a purest, and I love it!

Sending positive treasure hunting energy to all of you who are in need... and I'm looking forward to see what favorites you may find... Happy Hunting!!!


  1. Cutest plate ever. Can't wait to see where you put the cupboard.

  2. Cutest plate ever. Can't wait to see where you put the cupboard.