Friday, July 24, 2015

Garden Journal

Sooooo, I've never lead any to believe that any part of my garden is manicured, however this year it's 'wildness' has reached a new level.  I've had intentions to thin things out, but our schedule has kept me from the garden more than I have liked.  Only now that a summer cold has seemed to hit the family with full force, have I felt that I have the time to slow things down (hence three blog posts in one day).  Finding the balance in the summer is a struggle... how much to work and how much to play.... especially when Monte has busy weeks (He hit 40 hours on Tuesday this week.... current hour tally for the week... 84, and we still have two more days... at least he's avoided our summer cold).  Busy schedules has put a hold on our plan to road trip it to the coast this next week.  With the need for a break, I think a week with no schedule is what we need.... maybe now I'll get more time in the garden, although don't get your hopes up if your looking for a more manicured change.

As for the changes, growth, and goings on in the garden this week....

We've finally started picking zucchini off of our huge plants
Rasberry harvesting brings all to help (you get to eat what you pick), especially Abe, who is the most dedicated to fully immersing himself into the plants (can you spot him???)
Clothing has been optional

We've enjoyed the company of some feathered friends like....
Lucy, our goose that really did follow Sol home from the river bottoms
Bob, who quickly learned that he stands a good chance of getting handouts from the garden (he loves the rasberries too), he's my right hand man(woman) when I'm thinning anything (even the teeny tiny carrots).  I think he's (she's) almost as excited about the our ripening tomatoes & peppers as I am.

I've been grateful for the company in the garden this last week, and I'm looking forward to some more in the weeks to come.... I'm just not sure what to do about Bob and his (her) decisions that we are his new flock.... Now when we leave the house besides turning off lights and closing windows, we also must check the house for chickens (he likes to hang out under the table... after he's cleaned up any crumbs).... what exactly would happen if a chicken was left in the house alone ???? I don't think I want to find out... Until our next update.... Happy Gardening!

Yes he is sleeping


  1. Your garden looks amazing. Doesn't Bob poop all over the house though?

  2. Your garden looks amazing. Doesn't Bob poop all over the house though?