Thursday, July 16, 2015

Garden Journal

In the garden this week.....

We've eaten bowls of rasberries

Anxiously watched tomato plants fill with tomatoes & hope for signs of ripening

Watched squash plants get larger & larger, still with no starts (what does this mean??)

Spotted our first blooming sunflower

(ME) Patiently handled the tricks of three tiny tricksters & their creepy rubber snake

Glutinously made and drank gallons of mint & lavender sun tea

Shared the excitement of one five year old and his moth discovery

Abe showing Bob (& Trigger) his moth.... and yes that is a man bun.... if only he'd let me cut his hair
Over watering in preparation for a quick trip with Grandma & Grandpa to Jackson Hole by way of Lava Hot Springs

Sunken Botanical Garden in Lava Hot Springs

Some Grandma love & comfort after a fall

We LOVED the Bar J Ranch Chuckwagon Supper & Show
Handsome Stewart Men
I hope everyday that we loose those mirrored sunglasses..... maybe tomorrow I'll get lucky
Slowed life just slightly to soak in a little bit of summer....

 Happy Gardening!!!

1 comment:

  1. Bowls of raspberries, mint tea, lounging in hammocks, you make gardening look easy. But you make everything look easy really, even moving big heavy tables around the yard.