Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Maybe I overreacted, but one thing is for sure.... No one bad talks the kindest, sweetest, most giving man on the the planet with zero consequences.  So we (after many tears) came up with an agreement, if he wanted the extra toys (the ones not on his Christmas Wish List) that Santa had given him for Christmas back, he needed to write one spectacular apology letter.  The alternative would be shipping the toys back to the North Pole, and he'd better grab his piggy bank because he was expected to help pay for shipping cost.  He realized how serious I was when his first four letters didn't make the cut (I did say a 'Spectacular Apology Letter').  And so our two month standoff began.  I'll spare you the rest of the gory details, but just know that this story does have a happy ending.  

I've done my share of hard things in my, school, play, family drama.... mental, physical, spiritual.... but none of those compare to the GIGANTIC task of parenthood.  No bailing out when things get tough, I am completely devoted and invested for the entirety of my life.  I'm just stumbling through motherhood, sometimes I even manage to do things right, but mostly it's trial and error, and I'm hoping that my end goal is a happy, well adjusted, loving, grown human being.   

I've heard of others lately sharing their hardships with child rearing, so I know I'm not alone, but sometimes I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels with this one sweetly stubborn child of mine (I know, I know... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree).  What to do, what's our prescription, what will get us through our funk????  Our answer.... some time together, just the two of us, zero distractions, doing something fun.  So this past weekend we had our date night, and what a success it was.

In those much needed few hours together we worked it out, at least for now.  Sol got the attention I'm sure he's been lacking, and I became a little more understanding of his needs and wants.  And after taking a moment to really think about it, I've decided to be inspired by my 'Stubbornly Sweet Six year old Sol':

-Stories are told better with large arm movements and sound effects.
-It's O.K. to cry.
-Follow rules.... except in certain card games then it's o.k. to bend the rules.... a little
-Sing out loud, all the time, even while using the restroom.... Unless you are skiing than you should be whistling.
-Dance... ALOT... like nobodies watching.

-Linger in the back, you're less likely to miss something.
-Remember..... everything..... you'll always have a leg up in winning most arguments.
-Try to forget previous statement.
-Ravenously read any and everything within eyesight.... out loud.... even tabloid headlines and road signs.
-Ask questions, lots and lots of questions.
-Finish most sentences with an adorable toothless smile.

-Embrace your body type.... if your thighs touch, no big deal.  You have a booty, don't be afraid to shake it. And if your head is on the large side, your brain is big..... it's simple really.
-Being a 'Know-It-All' is actually a good thing.
-Never be the first to let go in a hug.
-Lean into the person your sitting next to, in fact drape a leg across them if you can, even better if conditions allow it, climb into their lap.... and then fall asleep, you've just secured a free ride to bed and a guaranteed tuck in.

Some great inspiration, from a great little boy!

We headed into the canyon when he started to fiddle with the radio....

'Mom what's the speed limit?'
'Oh... 30 I guess...'
'Well Mom.... you're going 32...'
Right... follow the rules.  I slow my speed and he stops fiddling with the stereo knob, I guess he found what he was looking for.  Ed Sheeran fills the speakers....(What no Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, or Lady Gaga???)
'I like this song.'
'Me too.'
He begins to belt out the words.... 'I'll be lovin' you till 70...'
There it is.... that smile....sure Sol, loving your Mom is easy when your old and grey, but what about when you're 23???
I join in... 'people fall in love in mysterious ways...'
'Mom, is mysterious like in Scooby Doo?'
'A little....'
He interrupts my answer 'Mom, you're going 32 again...'  Foot off pedal.  'Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars....   Mom did you know the sun is really a star, just close to the earth?'
He starts the head bobbing, the closest thing he can get to dancing in the car.... 'your soul can never grow old, it's evergreen..... Mom evergreen like the trees... right?'
'Yep.'  He really is so smart.
'Mom, now you are only going 28...' Actually is was 27... 'we found love right where we are, and we found love right where we are..'   He leans his head into my arm over the center console. 

I picked up my speed to 50 after coming out of the canyon, and maintained the proper speed limit until I pulled into home.  The car was peaceful... look who'd fallen asleep.  I carried him into the house and up to bed.  Do you want to know what he muttered to me from his pseudo sleep when I tucked him into bed.... 'Mom tomorrow I'm going to write Santa that apology letter.'

And he did... and it was spectacular..... 

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  1. Oh wow! I've been trying the one on one thing with Alan too. It works. You're definitely an inspiration! Way to stick to your guns!