Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Love-ly Time

What a lovely weekend spent with all my favorite Valentines, big and small....

A weekend spent exchanging cards (Sarah... possibly another post?), bike rides, sand creations, explorations, chocolate covered strawberries, and hikes.... so many of our favorite things!  And Great company makes it all the better.....


I know we'll be in trouble if the snow doesn't make a reappearance, but I can't help but revel in it's absence.   I love that I'm able to go shoeless once again (if only for a short time).  Our weekend adventures were all a great success, we found what we were looking for on our tree hunt, we spotted plenty of 'love rocks', my brother and his wife graciously obeyed Abe's every whim, the older boys ventured into the woods to find more sticks, I had a great helper searching the sands for new treasures, and in the end I even got my 'long walk on the beach' (even if it wasn't with Monte).

Oh snow please can you just give us one more love-ly weekend!!???

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