Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spring Time in Winter.... 'I Want to Live....'

Was it really just a couple of weeks ago that we were gathered around the fire at the town ice skating ring, listening to a town old timer throw down some Neil Young on the harmonica, 'I've been to Hollywood....'?

Sweet Abe, offered his coat to Jo when Jo complained of being cold.... Only Jo can pull off a 3T jacket.

With temperatures in the 60's the town ice skating ring is long gone, and with no snow in the forecast I've pulled out the bikes.  Oh how the mess of bikes in the front yard is a familiar and comfortable sight.  It's a given that with bikes out we'll take a trip to the lake.  Abe, now a few months older, convinced me that he was big and able enough to keep up with the rest of us on his OWN bike.  I think I've said goodbye to my basket riding companion, another milestone crossed.  I was a little overly sentimental of his independence, but he was so proud that I quickly adjusted.

We weren't alone on our false spring activity, just as we reached the lake we spot a 'Hippie Cowboy' on his horse, dreadlocks swinging, strummin' his guitar (yeah I know... only in Huntsville), 'I've been to Redwood....', we'd have some company. 

Even with the frozen lake the boys can't resist throwin' some rocks, rocks that just rolled to a stop on the ice.  It's still winter, so as soon as the sun started to set, we gathered our collected sticks and headed for home... some of us a little wetter than others.     

The bikes soon found their rut, and home welcomed us with warmth.  I know winter is not over, but we'll take full advantage of the warm weather while it's here.  We've had a hand full of play dates down in the river bottoms.  Monte planted two trees in the yard he rescued from work that he claims 'have refused to die'.  Abe and I did some work in the garden.  And the older two boys have been taking suspiciously long to walk home from the bus stop.  So although I'm sure we'll still be making it up to Snowbasin this weekend, I'm unsure whether it'll be for skiing.... 'You keep me searching for a heart of gold...'

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