Friday, February 27, 2015


I went around the room asking each one what animal they'd like to be.....  Bat.... Bear.... Dog.... Snake, and then.... Dinosaur....

'Dinosaurs are great, but what about an animal that lives right now on our planet, one that we can see....' 
                                  A Unicorn!............. Perfect

Joining Mamabyrd & others in their week impressions blog posts. 


  1. Um, you are a genius!! These containers totally solve the "he's touching me" nonsense of preschool circle time. Plus I'm sure they're really fun for the kiddos. Bravo!

  2. Those are so much fun. I love your post about Sol, he really is a sweet and very smart little boy. I love your hair down, I don't think I've seen it like that for a long time, it's quite pretty.

  3. Look at those great space ships. So cool. I think there should be Syrina Pin where I can find all of your great ideas in one place--wait--I have that, this great blog! Maybe seeing the ideas isn't enough. I need you to come and do them for me. I especially want one of those garden pathways with the logs on the sides and paved with rocks. I'll just show you where to put it.