Friday, October 10, 2014


It has plenty of storage, a tiny kitchen, a lofty bed, even an outdoor shower... all the comforts of home.  So why did my hands shake so badly when I handed over the cash?  Sure it was going to be the best birthday present ever, but I was also giving him his own second mountain home where he could escape the demands and chaos of family life.  Happy Birthday to an Amazing Man... but please remember how much warmer, softer, and pleasantly more fragrant your sleep is when I climb in bed next to you.... together.... as in not alone.... even with a small child between us.... and a dog.... and possibly another child.... unrestricted sleeping is totally overrated anyhow.

Joining Mamabyrd and From the Land of Cotton in their weekly impression posts. 


  1. He is going to LOVE it!! Happy b-day Monty!

  2. It is cooler than I even pictured. I hope you put it to use this past weekend. So great. Happy birthday Monte.