Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite season..... well... summer is amazing, and spring and all the reappearances, and what about the holidays, they just wouldn't be the same without the blanket of white sparkly snow....

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, especially the month of October.  No other month can you see your surroundings change so much from one day to the next.  No other month are things like leaf jumping, wearing costumes in public, and consuming unhealthy amounts of goodies totally the norm.  No other month so easily describe with one simple word.... FUN! 

In fact, it's this month and it's fun traditions that remind me so much of my mother, and of her example to live life to the fullest, never taking things too seriously (I mean, I haven't known too many 60 year old women who make their Halloween costume their number one priority for the month).

So in following her example we are happy to celebrate life in the fun form of..... backyard festivals, broom flying, bobbing for apples, hayrides, pumpkin carving on the beach, corn mazes, witches brews, doughnut eating contests, spook alleys, face painting, and boogieing with friends at a Monster Mash (sometimes the dance floor just isn't big enough).

So much fun and the month isn't even over yet.....

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