Friday, October 3, 2014


1 hour and 52 minutes of melodic encouragement from Jason, Dave, Ben, Chris, and ...... Dolly (?), 5.5 of the 13.2 miles running in a torrential downpour, 2 painfully burning feet even with 2 very wet soggy shoes, 2 days of recovery nursing 2 achy legs and 10 tender toes, and 3 members of my kin leaving me at the finish line (1 cutthroat partner, 1 hitchhiking boy, and 1 ungrateful black and white pup)......  but really, it's not all about the numbers. 

Joining Mamabyrd and From the Land of Cotton in their weekly impression posts.


  1. Not to be .... You know..... A jerk...... Buuuuuut..... It is 13.1, I believe. Just saying. You look totally hot though!

  2. You could probably say 13.3 after the walk back home though!;)