Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden Journal

This week in my garden....

There is life growing!

What a difference one week makes.

I remember feeling jipped when I opened the seed packet for the spaghetti squash.... really only nine seeds (I remember because I disbelievingly counted the small pile).... but look..... one, two, three, four..... five, six.... seven, eight.... and nine.... what a small bunch of good seeds.

I think I'll have to thin out the pumpkins a bit, but at least I know that they like their new location in the garden.

With no sprinkler system each morning I wake up, grab the hose, and go visit the garden.  Often I catch myself talking to my tiny plants, encouraging their growth, reminding them to fight extra hard to crowd out the weeds (please... and hurry).  I worry about the few that haven't seemed to push through quite yet, but each year I worry, and each year they come.

One of my favorite spots in my garden is the suppose cutting garden I made for my Mom.  A flower garden to visit, which is appropriately filled with her flowered favorites.  The perennials are great, but it's the flowers I reseed each year that I get most excited about, especially the calendula, even with no blooms yet, it fills in so nicely.

And what about my broken pottery hosta.... how did it's transformation turn out.....

Alright.... I guess..... not without a few mistakes.... It's a great first try at the cement planter mix, and I do feel safer with those jagged edges covered, I just don't know if I like it enough to commit to the repair of the other four.

But I am pretty happy with the current project I've been working on, you might have seen it during 'phase one'.  The boys love this project too, they even happily join me in the work.  Even with their help it's been pretty brutal, my bandage supply in running low.... I guess I should  wear gloves and upgrade to boots with the amount of lifting and hammering I've been doing.

I'm more bothered by my hairy knuckles.
And even though Monte still stubbornly refuses to show any emotion about my current project,  I did catch him snapping a picture to show the guys at work, I won't give up hope just yet. 

Just a peek!
If I make it through the weekend without a serious injury I'll be sure to share some of my progress..... But for now I'm just hoping to find someone I trust to care for my tiny new plants in the garden while I'm gone next week.... someone who will continue with encouraging kind words..... someone who is good with a hose.... what's that.... the kids..... who will watch.... Oh they'll be fine... but my squash... and my tomatoes....

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  1. I had to look up Calendula because I was unfamiliar with it. It really is so pretty! What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful Mother. Everything is looking so good.