Friday, September 4, 2015

Garden Journal

These last few weeks in the garden:

-We've been fortunate enough to have a seriously late crop of peas, that despite there arrival date were very tasty.

-Harvested more squash & zucchini (please save us!), beans, cucumbers, and a second crop of strawberries.

-Spotted the first few butternut squash almost ready to pick.

-Feasted on tomatoes (even Bob)... I've made 8 quarts of salsa, gallons of pico, and tomato on toast has become a twice a day snack.

-Been slightly disappointed at our pumpkin production (I only see one, and a couple of reeeeaaaally tiny ones).

-Reminded myself once again that I must thin the carrots earlier.... baby carrots????

-I've googled at least a half dozen ways to properly salt and prepare sunflower seeds so that they are just as good as the ones we buy at the store.

-And.....Weeellllll.... Reeeeallllly... I've actually been pretty neglectful in my gardening duties as I hit the road with a couple of friends on a weekend thrifting marathon.... which resulted in the $2.50 purchase of this huge, hand quilted, 100% polyester, multicolored quilt.  It only took four washes, a half gallon of vinegar, and a solid week of airing out to rid it of the moth ball smell.... it was worth every bit of work and smart comments made by the male population in the house.... I love the look of it hanging from the outside bridge.

Maybe I'll manage to get one more post of the garden before it's all gone, but if not, please save me from myself and come take what you can (although the zucchini lasagna wasn't all that bad)..... and..... Happy Gardening! 

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