Friday, September 4, 2015

Lazy Summer Days

I think the lazy summer days are the ones that I'll miss the most.  They're the days that we seem to be the most connected.  No appointments to keep and deadlines to make, just us and our choice of how to spend the day.   A day on the porch watching the humming birds... a day in the yard working on our masterpieces (Abe sets this up on his own, and what you might wonder was this masterpiece.... a beautiful sunset behind his dad working on a tree, in a cemetery, with a couple of headstones, of which you can see the occupants inside.... every artist has a bit of a dark streak).... a bike ride.... a hike.... or a day at the beach.... all great choices on how to spend our day.  


I'm a little sad to see another summer come to a close,  knowing that my children are getting older.... I miss the sweetness of tiny kisses.  But them getting older brings us closer on a different level.  I enjoy our conversations, I love their stories, and I feel extra special when I'm granted entrance into their world and get to see their explorations for the day.  How lucky am I! 

With summer coming to an end I guess I'll do what I can to squeeze a couple more outings just like these before we trade swimsuits for backpacks, and lazy days for homework (blech!).

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  1. Another magical summer you've given your children. You'll always have the memories and the photographs of this time with your sweet little ones. And certainly new and great adventures lie ahead.

    P.S. I love you nature mermaid!