Thursday, August 6, 2015

Garden Journal

This week in the Garden:

-The garden continues to grow in an unruly tangle of plants.... just like someones hair?!???

-Sunflowers are starting to emerge from all over.... including a basil box & amongst the pumpkin patch (I think this one currently measures over 10 feet.... fingers crossed it doesn't break).

-The zinnias have reached full bloom, which lead me to pull out some pretty sad peas and plant more zinnias in their place.

-I'll soon be harvesting my first ever broccoli crop.

-I harvested a dozen or more zucchinis, even after this weekends feast of 20+ used.... I have a delicious zucchini brownie recipe if anyone is interested?

-Another fort was built and abandoned when wet weather hit.

-I scored a great deal at Lowes, and convinced the nursery guy to let a bunch of Daisy plants go at a REALLY discounted price.... I think it will be an amazing cutting garden ... and maybe I dead headed them early enough that I'll get a second bloom?????

-Another prank has been adverted... Nice try boys, but snakes that size never just appear in the sink.

Better Luck next week boys....... Happy Gardening!!!

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