Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tony Grove

Our trip to the coast was postponed, so instead we decided to take a quick trip to Tony Grove... What a beautiful place, a place where we made a list full of favorites:

-The wildflowers..... A-MAZ-ZING... I have never seen so many wildflowers in bloom at the same time, it was breathtaking.

-Hikes with little brothers.

-The painful realization of not wearing shoes (well... probably not a favorite of Abe's, but a favorite that I captured the moment.... sorry Abe!)

-Wildflowers taller than Trigger.


-Sol making and testing his own raft.... it was a short, wet exploration... he needed to work out a few kinks in his raft construction.

-Woodcarving... a fish, an owl, a number of daggers, and a bandit walking stick.

-The possible discovery of fairy life.

-Wildflowers taller than Abe.



-Rock Climbing.

-Rock Climbing on rocks that look like they are eating a small child.

-Wildflowers taller than both Sol & Jo. 

-Warmth of the morning sun (& a photobombing dog)

-Helping Dad with morning preparations.

-A swim out to a tiny island, in a very cool lake, with a small back riding companion, who informed me half way.... 'Oh yeah, there is no way I am letting my nipples get wet!'.

-Wildflowers taller than Monte.... have I mentioned the wildflowers?!?!

-And lastly.... a return visit to Minnetonka Caves, that went considerably better than our last, when Abe (just a babe) cried 880 of the 888 steps.... Oh how times have changed.

Here's to the hopes of a return visit to Tony Grove and the most memorable wildflower display (I told you about the wildflowers... right?)!!!

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