Monday, October 14, 2013

Little Helpers

There are days that I find myself a little obsessed with getting things ready for a gathering.  My kitchen is covered in random projects, none quite completed, and my children are in the middle of them.  I realized that during those times I should try to include them.  I know that their mark will be on the final project, but a little more character never hurt anything.  So this last week while making some spell books, I had the help from a couple of boys.  They did a great job transforming the covers of some journals from a boring white canvas to weathered black or brown.  Then when I found a large stack of plain white bags, that could be used to bag purchases, I put my three year old to work with some spooky stamps and a stamp pad.  They turned out wonderful (he completed far more then we needed, but he was so motivated) even if he looked like he had caught some infectious skin disease.  They each got a chance to improve there fine motor skills by stringing charms onto our soon to be necklaces.  And even though this next one was a bit challenging, I enjoyed guiding a little hand as he help me paint some stencils onto some small totes (note why we opted for one bag to look somewhat like a batman symbol).

Creepy Necklaces $2

Scary Stenciled Totes $2

Spooky spell journals $3
I love that this is something that I can include my children in.  They did a great job, I don't think I could have done any better myself.  I know I'll have my kids with me this weekend at our gathering, and with our newly added kid approved treasures (and free kid games) don't be afraid to bring yours too!

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