Saturday, October 12, 2013


Since I've been married I've heard my fair share of awful mother-in-law stories.  I know plenty of women who struggle with their husband's mother.  Well I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones, because I can honestly say that there is nothing I would change about my mother-in-law.  Sure there are some stories, and sure she still uses expressions like "Oh my....", or "Heavens no!", but these are the reasons that I love her.  I love that she reads to my children, or that she always seems impressed with my cooking (if she only knew), and mostly I love that she has given me the one thing in my life that I love family.  She crafted in the days before Etsy, and sewed far more for economical function then for fashion popularity.  She can refinish furniture with the best of them, and can turn just about anything into a pillow.  So I am excited that she's decided to bring her own creations to our upcoming gathering.

 She's recently picked up an old hobby, painting.  I love the sweetness of her characters, they make her paintings hold just a little bit of magic, she is so talented in that way. 


 As our gathering draws closer, I grow more and more excited to see what others will bring.  That's really what makes these gatherings fun, admiring other's finds, sharing ideas, making memories, just being together with friends, and one great mother-in-law. 

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