Friday, March 13, 2015


It's one of my rules, like no jumping on the couch (yeah right), and no (plastic) weapons at the dinner table.  There are NO.... STICKS.... ALLOWED.... IN.... THE.... HOUSE (unless I find a really cool one.... than that's different).
           'But this stick is my warrior sword!!!!'
                                    'But I neeeeeeed this stick for the next time we go hiking!'
                                                  'This stick isn't for me, it's for Owy the Owl, and she lives in my room.'

Nope, no way, and nice try (working my soft spot for Owy the Owl is a great angle).  The sticks stay outside.  I imagine our house would start resembling a magpie nest if I didn't set some boundaries.  That rule is the reason this pile welcomes us on the front porch each day (you should see the one at the back door)...... and it's only March.

Joining Mamabyrd and others on their weekly Impressions post.


  1. That was some good mommy stand up comedy!

  2. We have our own pile... Sticks and rocks, a completely necessary part of childhood.