Thursday, March 12, 2015


Last week when they arrived home from school on this day there was a flurry of backpacks, snow pants, and boots.  This week upon arrival there was a flurry of backpacks, skateboards, and bikes.  I manage to yell out something about 'Not too long', or 'Remember you have homework', and then the house is quite.  I always seem to forget to ask where they are headed, not that it would do much good, I don't think they really know until they get there.  So an hour or so later I hit the streets, with camera in hand, and my ears as my best guide.  

 Last week I'm sure the river bottoms wasn't their first sledding stop, but looks like it was their best. 

And this week some fairly new asphalt is just too tempting not to stop for some smooooooth riding (Huntsville is NOT known for smooth roads).

My vagabond children..... what an adventure.... I guess for this reason I'm glad we don't live by the ocean.

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