Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Together in the New Year

At breakfast on New Years morning I curiously asked each of my boys what they thought they could work on in the new year.  When nobody immediately spoke up I began to speak for them listing the things I believed they needed to work on.... homework, helpfulness, controlling bodily functions, kindness, cleanliness... It was only after Jo asked me what my goals were that I realized what I had done.  I was ashamed at how easily I had judged my boy's 'needs work' behaviors, especially when I was yet to list some of my own.  I was pretty quiet for the rest of breakfast.

I really want a New Year's resolution that is realistic and achievable, but also more meaningful than my usual, generic and typical 'be better, exercise more' goals..... I am stumped.  Two weeks into the New Year and still no inspired resolution.  Possibly a look back at 2014 can bring some clarity....

In 2014.....

Jo started 4th grade, and finally got to study the GLORIOUS facts of earth science.

Sol started 1st grade, his first year of 'full time' school, where he quickly realized he was the smartest in his class.... just ask him.

Abe started preschool, which took his love and obsession of coloring to a whole new level.

I lost two children to school during the day, only to gain 8 more for school during the day.

The boys excitedly experienced the single life, each moving to their own room (sniff).

I solemnly and sweatily moved dressers, beds, and toys, as each boy graduated to independent living.

Monte, always such a hard worker, set a new personal record in reaching a 60 hour work week by Wednesday morning. 

I admired Monte's ability to embody the motto 'work hard play hard' as he survives an overly full work schedule and three trips to Snowbasin, on a weekly basis.

Abe perfected his impersonations of almost every creature in the animal kingdom.

I patiently learned to calm a furoucious lion, quiet a howling wolf, wrestle a squirmy snake, and feed a waddling duck.

Sol's fine motor skills are increasingly improving by his consistant building of bionicles, power ranger zords, and legos.

I became increasingly creative in my storage solutions of bionicles, power ranger zords, and legos.

Jo surpassed any and all of his fitness expectations by completing and loving serveral 5 Ks, and a couple of 10 mile hikes, all with plenty of energy to spare to spend daydreaming on the tramp.

I found a new running companion, and Monte a new hiking buddy.

Trigger successfully fufilled his protection duties of the house and yard.

I perfected my aim as I threw my shoes, gardening shovels, sticks, or whatever is within reach, at Trigger while trying to prevent him from biting another dog and/or person as they walk past the house.

Monte rekindled his love for the great outdoors, spending 8 whole days in Alaska fishing with friends. This love is also shared by the boys.

I have rekindled Monte's love for his loves and am now extremely proficient in outdoor cooking, cleaning, sleeping, and any other preparations needed for the families rekindled love for outdoor life..... I think I'm loving every minute of it. 

In 2014 I realized we've each became a little more independent, whether it be by new rooms, or by embarking on self discovering solo trips.  But sometimes it's in that time of independence that we find our clarity..... Jo reads to his brothers together in his bed.... Monte and I together trained for a half marathon.... The five of us (and Trigger) together crammed into a small tent over several long weekends.... How nice it's been to just spend time together.... Clarity?

Now in 2015....

I shall...... hmmmmmm...... ummmmm.... I still don't really know, but hopefully we'll work on finding our balance.... together.


  1. A lot was accomplished in 2014, even if you don't figure out any new goals for this year, I'm sure you will still surpass the rest of us in things accomplished.

  2. Jewels is so right!! Your power to do is outmatched. Are the boys loving their rooms? What Ben wouldn't give to not have to share. Also, Sadie's in a queen bed (a post soon to come), but I'm loving that by giving her the big bed it made the boys feel comfortable to sneak in and share with her. It (mostly) solved the night time crying and sleepwalking up the stairs to get her. Also, I LOVE the book shelf. Did you find it or make it?

    1. You guys are always so nice and complementary to me. They do love their rooms, and my brother made me the book shelf for Christmas, he found a place to get a WHOLE bunch of free pallets, so he made lots and lots of things for people for Christmas, lucky me!