Friday, January 16, 2015


I hope Owy the Owl recovers soon from her broken leg.  It seems shes had a rash of bad luck, just last week she was recovering from a broken wing.  Don't tell Crystal the Duck or Monkey Pants, but I really don't mind tending to her, she is my favorite.  So pleasantly sleepy, and polite..... Unlike Abe's other stuffed friends.  I've had to scold Crystal the duck twice this week for her bad manners (she likes to bite).  And now Monkey pants is demanding a camping trip for his birthday..... somewhere with lots of trees to swing from.... and the nerve of him telling Abe that he was displeased with my choice for a banana bread birthday cake.... I mean really what monkey doesn't like bananas?!?!

Joining Mamabyrd & From the Land of Cotton in their weekly impression posts.

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  1. You are so cute and so funny. It's not hard to picture you scolding that stuffed animal.