Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recent Finds

not pictured one plastic sword already lost in the abyss of weaponry in the basement

I'm inspired daily by friends and the things that I regularly read on their blogs.  I always enjoy seeing and reading about their 'recent finds'.  Because of this I've been inspired once again, and have decided to join their trend and post some of my own fun finds.

A tiny wire basket, it'll look great at Easter holding one pastel egg.  A new wooden puzzle for my little preschool class, we're in need of some more princess items with another girl joining our class this week.  One green, size medium, boys t-shirt.  Nothing special about it, I'm sure I could have found it at Old Navy a few seasons ago.  But as I made my way to the front of the store to pay for my purchases, it caught my eye.  How my boys love to camp, their favorite part is sleeping in tents, funny I think that's probably my least favorite part.  So even though another t-shirt is not on our need list, I knew the excitement it'd bring, so it appropriately accompanied me to the check stand.  And with the possibility of it being worn by three different camping enthusiast it was a good $2 investment.

Books, it doesn't seem to matter that we frequent the library at least a couple of times a week, there is something about owning a book of your very own that justifies the large space they consume in my shopping carts.  So yes I did come home with a dozen or so books for all my boys, old and young.  How can I not, especially when my finds include, an almost new paperback copy of the 'Hobbit', a book in the next series created by the same author of our favorite 'Captain Underpants', and the handful of stories I loved as a child, and with all of them at just a quarter or two a piece I can't leave them on the shelf.

My most favorite find for the day was these two matching vintage sugar substitute bowls......

While casually making my way down each isle, a friend wasn't too far from my mind.  A friend who also loves a great second hand find, and always remembers to bring me flowers on an emotionally filled date, hard for her to miss with her own emotional date just a week after mine.  Instead of an unexpected loss of a mother, an unexpected loss of a father.  We'd just spent the night before reminiscing about fathers.  Hadn't I just shared a story of my childhood desire to show that I was a true 'Daddy's Girl', even if it meant splitting his morning coffee with him?  I'd painfully clench that mug as I took a couple of chugs from his morning drink of choice, it was awful!  I'd only pretend to find it as delicious as he did, because really I was fighting off a serious dry heave.  I wonder if he knew, I never was all that good at keeping a secret.  It's hard to share his love of almost black instant coffee, with only a couple of pink packets of Sweet' N Low to enhance that dreadful flavor.  That's the reason for this twin purchase, a small gift to share, one for her and one for I, a reminder of our shared father stories.  I think it will look great filled with flowers, maybe even some blossoms.

As we walked into the thrift store Abe asked me if this store sold weapons, the ones made of plastic that he loves.

        'Maybe.  You'll have to look and see, this store is full of treasures, you've just got to find them.'  
        'Like a pirate!  I'm going to find my treasure Mom!'

I couldn't have said it any better myself.  I left with a full treasure box.   A treasure box full of books, a basket, a shirt, a puzzle, a couple of great jars to be shared..... and yes, one extremely creepy, violent looking, quadruple bladed sword.

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  1. We used to have that "camping is in tents" shirt. I think it's super funny. Maybe you ought to go through My giveaway pile before it heads to Savers. Fun finds.