Monday, March 17, 2014

Around the Kitchen Table

 Growing up my mother always felt it important to eat together as a family.  There was some late dinners in my teen years, with busy agendas, and having to work around four separate work schedules.  That hour or so spent eating was a time to catch up, a moment to check in with the rest of the family, even just a chance to spend a little time with the ones you love.  So now with my own family a 'together dinner' is something that I also find important.

I have to admit, I don't have the dedication of my own mother, so on the nights of late schedules, when the whines of hunger pains from little ones start, I'm alright setting a table for four instead of five.  I can fill Dad in later, meanwhile the four of us can still mutually enjoy a meal together.  More commonly however, we are able to gather, all five of us, and give thanks, share stories, make plans, and grow closer. 

Trigger wasn't the only one on cleanup duty, there was also a clucking feathered friend pecking up leftover scraps.

So does it matter that our kitchen table is really just a worn blanket, and our dinner meal is actually a breakfast favorite...... not at all...... three little boys thankfully cleaned three plastic plates, I heard all about Jo's adventure while riding home from a friend visit, we made a plan on what to have for desert, and we'd all moved in a little closer.... together. 

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  1. My family had lots of great meals together too:) I loved every single one;)