Saturday, December 13, 2014

Call Him Sensitive

I guess you could call him sensitive.... he is going to cry if he doesn't win at musical chairs, he will sulk over a mean comment someone said to him at recess.... two days ago, he does remember and dwell on sad dreams days after their occurrence (they aren't real Sol).  He leaves me baffled and bemused on what to do, how do I reason with my ever vigilant headstrong six year old?????

After exhausting all other efforts, I can only hold him and flood him with compliments (I keep telling Monte I think this might work for me too!)..... 'My sweet sweet Sol, the sweetest boy I know.... My smart smart Sol, the smartest boy in all the first grade, My handsome, handsome Sol, the best looking boy in his whole class....' at this last comment he'll stop me... 'No Mom... that's not true... I saw Truman yesterday, and he definitely looked more handsome than me.'  Oh why did I remind him!  Darn that Truman!  I guess sometimes I just can't win. 

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