Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween is great.  It's like a step back in time while I chase my children from house to house as they enjoy each haunted doorstep.  I love living in a small town where a trunk or treat is unheard of, and local picked apples are still given in my children's goody bags.   

Whether your costume is homemade, store bought, skin baring, multi-layered, expensive, or just your mother's old skirt, your  mission is all the same.... to collect as much candy as you can.

I once heard that from a health and dental perspective it's better to eat all you Halloween candy at once, getting it over with quickly (that's what I kept telling myself as I downed another Kit-Kat), so I felt somewhat justified in letting my children eat Baby Ruths and Snickers for dinner, I knew the 'Ghost' soup I'd already prepared would go untouched.  

I found each boy passed out amongst candy wrappers on the front room floor, I guess the sugar eventually wore off.  But as I tucked them into bed I'm sure they had extra sweet dreams of our evening adventures in gathering goodies while..... manuevering our way through a spookified hedge maze, trembling through the numerous homemade spook alleys, visiting the local bar where they hand out full size candy bars, and stopping at the town BBQ joint for popcorn, hot chocolate, and friendly conversation & candy hall comparisons with other local trick or treaters.  

Even after all that fun we still made it home in time for Jonas to do plenty spooking of his own on our haunted front porch.  I think this is his favorite part of Halloween. 

Yes.... Halloween is great. 

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